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ABT Tattoo News, Features and Publication updates:


1/2/2017 ABT Tattoo voted best Tattoo Studio for McDonough, Georgia.

1/1/2016 “ABT Tattoo” Voted Best Tattoo Studio in Atlanta 4th year running, Thank You everyone for helping us achieve this.

12/30/2015 Todo was Featured in Beneath the Skin Magazine, View Here

12/25/2015 Todo was Featured in Perfect Tattoo Artist Magazine

9/16/2015 Todo’s Interview at Ink and Iron Nashville withFireside Tats / Tattoo Improvement.

8/9/2015 Todo wins Best Small color, Best color Sleeve, Tattoo of the Day and Best over all artist at INK and Iron Tattoo Convention Nashville.

8/1/2015 ABT Tattoo was scene on the new TV showMother Funders

1/27/2015 ABT Tattoo voted Best Tattoo Studio in Georgia for the third year, “Kudzu Reviews”

1/1/2015 Todo’s art appears in the Black and White Book by Out of Step Books.

1/1/2014 ABT Tattoo just took Best Tattoo Studio in Georgia for the second year, “Kudzu Reviews”

11/1/2013 Todo’s art appears in Antennae of Inspirationbook project.

10/23/2013 Tattoo.com Interview with Todo on his Celebrity connections featuring 2Chainz.

9/1/2013 Todo featured in Tat2 Magazine

7/7/2013 ABT Tattoo Featured on Tattoo.com

MUSIC VIDEO’S recorded at ABT Tattoo, 2Chainz andCurt Kokaine

2/7/2013 Todo’s featured in UK Mag Skin Deep for his Steam-punk Art.

2/6/2013 Exclusive Life story about Todo was just posted on Skin-Artists.com

2/3/2013 Todo’s featured in DGN Tattoo magazineArgentina.

2/1/2013 Erika just got a feature in NTUNE Magazine.

12/22/2012 ABT Tattoo has been voted the Best Tattoo Studio in Georgia 2012 on the Kudzu Review Board.

11/21/2012 Todo’s signed Artist Prints now available onMOA.

11/21/2012 Ant is featured in Ntune Magazine

11/9/2012 Todo’s Featured in Tattoo Flash Magazine.

9/26/2012 Todo’s featured in Rebel Inks new Ink slingers magazine.

8/26/2012 Todo just was featured on Ink Freakz website.

8/12/2012 Urban Ink this month features 2 Chainz one of ABT Tattoo’s Celebrity Clients.

6/12/2012 Todo was featured on Bob Baxter’s Tattoo road Trip and on True Artist.com

5/9/2012 Todo’s tattoo’s seen on CNN Entertainment website.

5/9/2012 Todo’s tattoo’s found on Wired Magazine andGeeky tattoos website.

3/22/2012 Todo just won best small color for his Coffee cup and donut at the Asheville North Carolina Tattoo convention, thank you Tee Jay.

3/22/2012 Todo just found out his client Monique won best Female and best Black and Gray at the Day of the Dead convention in Atlanta Georgia March 2012.

3/5/2012 Read the new Feature on Todo TheInkonMe.com

1/20/2012 6 page coverage on Todo’s art just came out inTattoo Magazine.

1/1/2012 Todo’s 50% off monthly contest is up and running, read more on our Blog. “update postponed till summer.”

1/1/2012 OK everyone Todo and Ant will be at the Hell City Tattoo convention May 4th – 6th , appointments slots are now available.

12/7/2011 Feature article on Todo Tattoo artist to the Stars, Henry Times.

11/15/2011 Our Blog is back up again and so Is Todo’s deviant art page, check them out.

11/15/2011 Todo’s Tattoo of a girl riding a bike was just published in a Greek book called Bike art exhibition

11/1/2011 ABT Tattoo just had a Feature in the new Ink Atlanta magazine.

Christmas for Kristin is happening again soon . Bring in anew unwrapped toy starting Nov.. 22nd to Dec.. 17th and we’ll give you 10% off your next tattoo valued at $100 or more. All toys will be delivered to the Brain Tumor Foundation before Christmas.

10/15/2011 Welcome Erika to the staff at ABT ” we can’t wait to post your artwork.”

Sept.. 20th 2011: This month has been great with an awesome turn out at Dragon Con Atlanta and a 1st place award for best large color tattoo at the Paradise tattoo Gathering convention.

August 20th 2011 Artistry and Ink.com is launched. This site is Todo’s personal web page for tour dates, news and his latest art projects.

Our Store is up and running! ” Art for Sale

Todo just made Tattoo Master Magazine interviewing for the Dragon Fly Tattoo Machine.

Todo’s paintings have just been released in a new book called Cranial Visions by Mike Devries and Jeff Johnson be sure to grab a copy before there gone

Todo’s paintings are in the first addition Pint Size Paintings.

We now use the latest in tattooing technology thanks to our sponsors Dragon fly tattoo machines and Fusion Ink which is the best pigment on the market. Also Todo is oil painting Portraits and Surrealistic Art in his spare time so if you want to grab a piece of art for your home Visit our on-line print store.